12 January, 2009

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto in Capricorn

January 25, 2008 - March 23, 2023

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The Truth About Mothers ~ Yours, You and Others

[Warning: This is NOT about cookies and cupcakes ...]

Hello Beautiful Souls,

It's been more than a minute since I've shared some wisdom with you. This topic has been weighing on my mind for a while. Today I got the feeling that it needs to be discussed, more so than any other day. If it is for you, please know that your angel, God, spirit guide etc. wanted you to hear it: Today!

Who are Mothers:
We as humans have been programmed to make mother's into these mythical figures. We are taught that in church, relating mother to the Virgin Mary. Pure, nurturing, without fault, all loving, perfect.

This just isn't true and it is certainly not healthy.

Who Mothers are in reality:
Mother's are human beings. With fault, selfish at times, capable of wronging her children, not pure and not perfect.

Now, why is it important to make this clear and how can we start seeing mothers a different way.

First of all imagine your mother. She is a woman who either gave birth on purpose or by accident. She was either married or she wasn't. She was either happy about it or she wasn't. She was either ready or not.

Secondly, before she was a mother, she was a woman (or young woman). Before that she was a little girl. Before that she was a baby. Before that she was an embryo. Nothing about that is mythical. She's just like any other female, born as a baby, grew up, got pregnant and then became a mother.

Now, if we see her like that, we don't put her on a pedestal. The reason we should not put mothers on a pedestal is because when they fall off of it, it's devastating.

How Mothers might want to be viewed:
Some mothers want to be worshiped. Treated like queens, bowed down to, given special treatment by their partners, want to be adored by their sons, want to be the envy of their daughters. These are programmed ideas that we fall into. Some Mothers just want to be their child's friend. Others want to reign over their families like a dictator. All Mothers are not created equal.

Truth about Mothers:
Mothers are capable of lying, stealing, causing drama, pitting one child against another, picking favorites, being envious of her child's success, hating their daughter's youthful appearance, giving purposefully bad advice to sabotage her children, using her children against their father, saying hurtful things, convincing people to do things they shouldn't, gossiping, drinking, doing drugs while they're pregnant. I didn't say they do it, just that they are capable of it. Why? Because they are HUMAN!

Once we look at our mothers and ourselves as ordinary people, we will finally see the truth about ourselves as individuals. No one is mythical. Even when we become mothers.

Mother's Mistakes:
Now, women often have the ability to choose who they want to get pregnant by. How do they make this choice, by not using protection, dating the wrong guy, sleeping around, staying in bad relationships too long. This might sound cold. Well, why do children suffer? Why are children born into poverty? Because the mother was in poverty and she chose to bring a child into this world before she got OUT of poverty. That's it in a nutshell. If her lover, husband, booty call is a deadbeat then she shouldn't have kids from him. Period. If he treats her like dirt, what future is their for her children. As future mothers, we have to make better decisions about who we sleep with. When the father abandons the family, either because he was an alcoholic, too young to be a father, criminal or emotionally damaged, kids suffer the most. This could be avoided by the mother looking into the future and realistically seeing her life through clear glasses. Mothers have to make wiser decisions about who they want to be connected with for the rest of their lives. Once you have a child, you instantly have less money, more problems. If you haven't finished college or haven't gone, having a child makes that really difficult. Get yourself to a higher perch so when your kids come along, they will be up there too. If you are scraping by, barely making it, your kids will have the same fate. Only bring kids along for the ride, if the ride is smooth, that way they have a good chance of being happy and not suffering.

Momma's Boys:
Some mothers secure their space in their child's hearts by feeding them amazing food. Boys especially end up falling in love with their mothers because of this. When I say "falling in love" I mean it in a pure and innocent way, although I've seen cases where it is really twisted, but that's for another day. For boys, this is their first girl. They cling to her like glue, follow her around and then try to find someone just like her. A mother may object to this because she's also "fallen in love" with her son, and feels threatened by the new girl. She thinks she is going to be replaced, and she should be replaced ~ but she's already created this identity and doesn't want to let go. She might even try to make life pure hell for the new girlfriend, wife whatever. The son, usually blind to this fact, or feels helpless being caught in the middle, makes excuses for her behavior and let's his relationship die or finds a way to keep both happy. Mothers that do this most likely have a poor relationship with their husbands, and are seeking what's missing through their sons. The new wife tries to have children so she can compete for the son's affections and one up his mother.

Daughter-Mother Rivalry:
As a baby, a young girl is not a threat to her mother. Unless the only reason the father is around is because the mother had a child. The father may absolutely adore the daughter, but want nothing to do with the mother. Or he may not show her the same kind of affection as he does for his child, meaning she may see a softer side of him that she never could bring out. This breeds resentment in the mother. Yes, sure she used her child-bearing abilities to entrap the man, but it backfired - this happens a lot. In another case, the man might have met the mother when she was young, beautiful and attractive, but after childbirth she got fat, out of shape and matronly. His sexy goddess is now an old maid, but they may stay together anyway. As the daughter gets older, the mother sees herself in her daughter, remembers how things used to be and envies her. From here she could start making it a competition of who can get the father's attention. The father may worship the daughter, simply because he reminds her of how his wife/mother of his child used to be. It can be pure and innocent, but the mother will start to see the daughter as a rival, just like a younger mistress in the street. This is real and happens everyday.

Death of a Mother:
When mothers take care of you when you're sick, feed you, give you advice, love you ~ they are carving a huge space in your heart. When they die, there is a large hole that many people never recover from. Before this happens, we should stop looking at Mothers like these angelic figures. When we do this, we are permanently securing ourselves as babies. Yes, as a child, you need your mother because you cannot fend for yourself. As adults, you need to learn to live on your own because one day you will be without your mother. This is a fact. We need to look at our mothers realistically, as flawed human beings. Mentally, go back into childhood, see our mothers for who they are, a friend who is no more important than any other female, we just so happened to get deposited into her life versus someone else down the block. See her as a woman your own age, see her as a child, a baby, an imperfect person that is going to go through the course of life like everyone else. That way when she's gone, you don't have this huge hole in your heart. While she is here, we love having our hearts filled up with love for another person, but there is little room for love for yourself. We must accept our mother's death before it happens. Grieve before she leaves this Earth. That way when the time comes, it won't hit us so hard. You can say goodbye to her while she is still here. Know that your life will go on, and you will never be alone. Why?

Because the only true mother is Mother Earth. She will never die or leave us or do us wrong. She gives birth to all things, every day. She has no ulterior motive. She is pure and perfect. {{Love}}


07 January, 2009

2012: Enigma by David Wilcock

2012: Tragedy, transcension or just another year? David Wilcock exposes many great secrets: DNA, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time, the Mayan Calendar and much, much more!

Part I: CONVERGENCE The Movie, consciousness energy field, Edgar Cayce reincarnation, Da Vinci Code, Inconvenient Truth, galactic alignment, dodecahedron, 2012 / DNA crop circles, sacred geometry as vibration, tetrahedron, 19.5 degrees

Part II: Hans Jenny / Cymatics, space and time inverting, wave-particle duality, Buckyballs / fullerenes, DNA as a wave, Kaznacheyev, psychic healing, Dewey Larson, 3D time, space-time fabric, time-space

Part III: Fairy circles, natural stargates, ESP, nested spheres, channeling, chakras, Pineal gland, Sumerian tablets, Osiris, kundalini, pine cone symbolism, Tammuz, Shiva, Third Eye, Bindi, Bacchus, Dionysus, Jesus, the Vatican

Part IV: Pyramid sarcophagus, cathedral windows, the World Tree, melatonin, DMT, ayahuasca, Dreams, Out of Body Experience, the Silver Cord

Part V: Mark of the Beast, microclusters, synchronicity, shamanism, holographic sound, reverse-engineering the pineal gland, Dan Burisch, Project Looking Glass, CONTACT

Part VI: The Last Mimzy, the Roswell Crash, the Cube / Yellow Disc, Hellraiser, election tampering, pole shift, time-viewing technology, the Iraq War, DCTP / Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox, human-lineage ETs

Part VII: Tree of Life, Illuminati, Rothschilds, Hitler, New World Order, Lucifer, Luciferian philosophy, Catholic church, Philadelphia Experiment / Rainbow Project

Part VIII: Phoenix III, Montauk chair, time travel, Dec. 21, 2012, 20-year cycle, Stargate SG-1, Outer Band Individuated Teletracer / OBIT, The Outer Limits, Time Vector Generator / TVG, Mars pyramids, underground bases, jumproom, Total Recall, Minority Report, X-Men / Cerebro, Rifts in Time

Part IX: Forbidden Planet, psychic conduit, LSD trips, zero-time, 2012 dimensional shift, Edgar Cayce readings, Chandler's Wobble, pole shift, Library of Atlantis / Hall of Records, California earthquakes

Part X: Create your own reality, 2012 not cataclysmic, Russian physics, Dr. Sergey Smelyakov / Auric Time Scale, Mayan Calendar, spiral imploding into 2012 changing consciousness, Ascended abilities, spiritual growth

04 January, 2009

Understanding Depression - In Yourself and Others

As you know by now, I like pairing daily life with visual images. At the end of this note I will explain why. It is not nearly as important as what I'm about to share with you.

Depression is your decision to stand outside, in the rain with a wet coat on, barefoot in a puddle of mud.

Now, that may sound unsympathetic but after I'm done you will understand.

There are several types of depressed people.

1. Situational - people that are normally happy but may be sad because they just lost their job, a loved one, a relationship etc.
2. Chronic - people that can't seem to be happy for a long period of time.
3. Seasonal - people that seem to get depressed around the same time of year - due to a past event or change in weather.

Within these types are levels of how they deal with it.

1. Misery loves company - want everyone else around them to be depressed too.
2. Rescue me - need someone to pull them out of it.
3. Bounce back - pull themselves out of it because they realize things need to get done.

Let's get back to our wet coat analogy.

If you are depressed, imagine yourself on the outside. Most people consider depression internal, but let's say your core spiritual self is internal - and depression is your allowing external sources to pull you outside of your spiritual self. Your inner self is peaceful, why because the spiritual self is not attached to this world, it's pain, it's suffering, it's woes - because in the spiritual world - Earthly things don't matter, which is why when you die you can look back at your life without attachment.

Misery Loves Company:
So, you're out in the rain with a wet coat on standing in the mud. A friend, family member, stranger comes by with an umbrella and says, "Hey, let's go inside your house where it's warm. Let me make you some tea and get you out of these wet clothes." You say, "No, I don't feel like it." You take the umbrella out of their hand, lock arms with them and make them stand in the rain with you. You tell them all the depressing things about your life - making it rain harder. Soon they are depressed too. This makes you feel better because now you're not alone and you don't have to change anything.

Rescue Me:
You're still in the rain. People are passing by, you flag them down and say, "Hey, I'm not doing well today - can you take me by the hand and get me inside." They take you inside by listening to your problems, but also telling you how much they love you and how great you are." This person, however kind and gentle becomes an enabler. Keeping you disabled from picking up your feet and walking into the warm house yourself. If this is situational or seasonal, it is understood. If you are a chronically depressed person, this will not help you.

Bounce Back:
It's raining, you've been in a funk all day. Your kids are inside waiting to be fed, your husband is looking for you. You realize that you don't have time to sit in the mud. You take off the wet coat and walk yourself back into the house and realize what's really important. This seems harder than it actually is. We can do this for ourselves in a blink of an eye - just by a change in thought pattern.

Now, what do I mean by thought pattern.

Your brain is a conveyor belt of thoughts. The conveyor belt of a depressed person looks something like this:

I am not worthy, I am dumb, I don't deserve love, Nobody loves me, my life is sad, my situation is hopeless, things will not get better, there is no hope. [Repeat until there is torrential rain].

This is what we do to ourselves, recycle these thoughts until we are paralyzed.

Now, I've been in these dark places which is why I can tell you, it's a dead end road. I promised myself a long time ago that I would never take this road. I've even put bread crumbs on my way out to make sure I don't go back. There are thoughts that I've flagged to let me know when I've happened on this road. Thoughts like:

I'm never going to be happy. I'm destined to be miserable. God has abandoned me.

I see these thoughts on my conveyor belt and make a U-turn, because I know what's going on. I replace those thoughts with:

I can be happy. Things are not as bad as they seem. Nothing is permanent. This too shall pass. All I have to do is walk back in the house and be happy for all that is good in my life.

Depressed people may not feel like saying this, it seems like too much work. Why because their conveyor belt is already filled to the max with negative thoughts. They would have to delete the negative thoughts in order to make room for positive thoughts. To them, it seems like a pile of dirty clothes they just don't feel like washing, even though they know that when everything is clean - they will feel amazing.

So how can you permanently rid yourself of depression. One simple word - Meditation.

When you meditate, you are giving your soul the job of cleaning up your negative thoughts without having to lift a finger. If you sit in silence for 20 minutes or more, your soul will carry you like a newborn baby, inside, make you tea and biscuits, rub your feet, sit you by the fire and rock you to sleep. It will wipe your conveyor belt clean.

Why does this work? Because in meditation, you are stopping the conveyor belt from moving. You are allowing the rain to stop. You are allowing your inner self and its peace to be in control of your life. If you don't meditate on a regular basis, you are not using the power that is available to you free of charge.

Anti-depressant medication makes you feel dead inside. That's not what you want. You want to feel emotion - you just don't want to drown in it. Your soul is asking for the opportunity to conduct your life. Give into it - and depression will be a thing of that past.

Next time you are depressed, start to feel the rain dripping on your head, imagine the heaviness of the wet coat, feel your feet cold and damp with mud, then look a few feet away from yourself and look at the house, warm and inviting and just walk yourself over there. Depression is a choice you don't have to live with. {{Love}}